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CradlePoint Enterprise Cloud Manager is a next generation management and application platform, delivering real-time network management over secure 3G and 4G connections, enabling users to rapidly deploy and dynamically manage networks at geographically distributed locations.

Enterprise Cloud Manager integrates cloud management with CradlePoint devices to improve productivity, increase reliability, reduce costs, and enhance the intelligence of network and business operations.

Configure devices by groups or individually, and update firmware easily with a few clicks.

Monitor device statuses in real-time and set proactive alerts for optimized 3G/4G data usage.

Manage network security and track network interference information.

CradlePoint Enterprise Cloud Manager uses secure, encrypted communication protocols to ensure your transactions are safe from eavesdropping or other compromising interventions. Additional security features include:

- Secure device registration and authentication
- Enterprise class Tier 4 datacenter, SSAE Type II (SAS 70) compliance
- Redundant systems and architecture to support high availability

CradlePoint Enterprise Cloud Manager can help you protect mission-critical applications – improve network uptime and performance while reducing costs:

- Perform remote diagnostics – status reports and error logs
- Troubleshoot without onsite IT support
- Upgrade firmware remotely – ensure up-to-date security and PCI compliance
- Monitor 3G/4G data usage, avoid overages
- Reduce truck rolls, saving time and money
- Prevent poor customer experiences and lost revenue caused by Internet downtime

Proactive alerts and reporting enable you to better understand how devices are deployed across your organization. Alerts can notify you of:

- 3G/4G modem connectivity issues 
- Data usage thresholds for wireless data plans 
- Connection alerts if device connection is lost
- Failed login attempts and modem removal, which can indicate physical or cyber security breaches